Leann Mclaren ’19 (CLAS) Presents at Conference for Emerging Scholars

In Spring 2018, Leann Mclaren, a seventh-semester political science and history major, was awarded a UConn IDEA grant. The program awards funding to support student-designed and student-led projects, including creative endeavors, community service initiatives, entrepreneurial ventures, research projects, and other original and innovative projects.

With this money, Mclaren conducted an oral history and statistical analysis that looks at the political, social and economic incorporation of West Indian Immigrants in the Greater Hartford area.

“I feel the IDEA grant has improved my budgeting skills, networking, time management and research skills,” Mclaren said.

Mclaren is still in the data collection phase of her project, and has not yet presented her findings. In the past, she has presented previous research at the American Political Science Association.

She also recently participated in the 2018 Emerging Scholars Conference at the University of Michigan. She presented a paper entitled “Freedom from Mental Slavery? An Analysis of the Effects of European Colonialism on the Politics of Racial Group Consciousness for Afro-Caribbean immigrants,” alongside her honors thesis advisor, Professor of Political Science Evelyn Simien.

“I feel more empowered each day to complete my project and present my findings due to the investment this grant had in me,” Mclaren said.

Mclaren said the research she conducted with her IDEA grant has improved her confidence in her abilities as a researcher and enhanced her applications to graduate schools.

“A skill I gained from research that I don’t think I had prior are critical analysis skills,” Mclaren said. “From reading scholarly literature and proposing contributions yourself, you tend to see the world and its problems in a deeper way.”

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