Alumni Notes: Late Fall 2019

  • Kayla Ahmed, (‘18 POLS) has recently been accepted to attend Duke University Law School. 
  • Robert Sandin (‘64 POLS) passed away in late September 2019. Bob was a 6th-grade school teacher for most of his career and brought generosity, kindness, and thoughtfulness with him everywhere. We send condolences and best wishes to his family and friends.
  • Andrew J. Colabella (‘13 POLS) is running for his second term as town council representative of district 4. On May 7th, Andrew helped to pass the most aggressive law east of the Mississippi banning the use of Single Use Plastics in Westport, CT.
  • Dawn Leger (‘79 POLS, ‘80 POLS MA) is now the Grants Administrator for the City of Bristol and author of a mystery series which includes Embracing the Fool, Freeing the Magician, and the forthcoming Capturing the High Priestess. Dr. Leger has also edited multiple textbooks in the fields of ergonomics and biomechanics with the publishers Springer-Verlaine and Wolters-Kluwer. 
    • Chris Hemingway (‘99 POLS) has worked at the Hagaman Memorial Library in East Haven for the past 25 years — he currently serves as a circulation librarian.  Chris received a Consumer Health Information Specialist Level 1 Certification. He has just published his book The Day The Bull Lived, And Other Poems and is a Contributing Author for The Connecticut 169 Club: Your Passport and Guide to Exploring Connecticut.  Chris is currently running for American Library Association Councilor-At-Large for the 2020 election.