Student Success: Late Fall 2019

  • Thomas Briggs, a graduate student in the department, participated in the Early Career Workshop on September 10, 2019, on “Women and the History of Intergenerational Thought” at the European International Studies Association’s 13th Pan-European Conference on International Relations in Sofia, Bulgaria. Thomas’s paper, entitled “Vera Micheles Dean (1903-1972) and the History of the Foreign Policy Association,” was based on his dissertation research. Tom received a travel award from the Leverhulme Project on Women and the History of International Thought at the University of Sussex to attend the workshop. 
  • Graduate student Alex Kreidenweis taught WGSS 2255 this past spring and his students were mentioned by the President in September in relation to President Katsouleas’ dialogue on the modernization of liberal arts education
  • Graduate student Brooks Kirchgassner and recent POLS alum Jessica Weaver (POLS ‘19), will be participating in a high-profile event on human rights and university licensing in their roles as members of the President’s Committee on Corporate Social Responsibility. This event is set to take place on November 22, 2019. 
  • A current POLS graduate student, Volodymyr Gupan, spoke this past September on WHUS, a commercial-free radio station at UConn, about the current state of affairs in Ukraine.
  • This past weekend the UConn Mock Trial Society sent two teams to compete at the First Annual Capital Clash Tournament in Albany, New York. The UConn teams won both first and second place at the tournament. The two teams include Political Science students Colin MacDougald, Andrew Dubsky, Danielle Macuil, Kyle Adams, and Ben Johnson.
  • Freshman Michael Cerulli recently published an opinion piece in the Hartford Courant about Connecticut’s bright future. 

    • Undergraduate student Mary Vlamis was recently featured on UConn’s Office of Undergraduate Research website for her work as a Peer Research Ambassador this semester with the Office of Undergraduate Research. Students are accepted into these positions as a result of their heavy involvement in research on campus. Mary is currently working on two research projects: one focusing on gender and ethnic discrimination in the Peruvian labor market and the other focusing on tort reform and public opinion.