About Us

The Political Science department studies how the political process shapes the choices we face as a community of citizens. Through our undergraduate program, we hope to provide students with the concepts that will enable them to be active and constructive citizens. Through our graduate program, we aspire to educate future scholars in the tools of our trade. Department faculty are involved in cutting-edge research and innovative teaching. Explore our faculty and graduate student webpages and check out our newsletter, Facebook page, and blog.

Why Political Science?

  • Meet some of UConn’s best teachers. In recent years, members of the Political Science Department have won six campus-wide teaching awards.
  • Learn about the forces that make the world we know, whether it be American politics, the politics of other nations, international affairs, the legal system, the politics of race, gender and ethnicity, or the political ideas that motivate people.
  • Enjoy opportunities to learn outside the classroom. We offer a variety of internships, including in Congress, the Connecticut state legislature, law firms, state and federal agencies, and advocacy groups. There are also many opportunities to study abroad. Our majors are active in the Pre-Law Society, the International Relations Club, the Model UN, and our honor society, Pi Sigma Alpha.
  • Prepare for a variety of exciting careers. Political Science majors have gone on to become attorneys, public servants, diplomats, journalists, political campaigners, teachers at all levels, members of advocacy groups, and numerous other occupations. The two most recent members of Congress who have represented eastern Connecticut ‘s Second Congressional District studied political science at UConn, as have numerous members of the Connecticut state legislature.
  • For all these reasons, Political Science remains one of UConn’s most popular majors. You will be in good company if you major in Political Science. You might also consider minoring in Political Science. Find out how to major or minor in this fascinating subject.
  • Interested in learning about what you can do with a Political Science degree after graduation? Read our career information.