Colloquium Schedule and Publicity

Events for Fall 2018

Wednesday, September 26

Keith Whittington (Princeton): Why Free Speech Matters on Campus. 4pm in Konover Auditorium; refreshments to follow. Sponsored by Political Science, the Human Rights Institute, the Humility & Conviction in Public Life Initiative, and the Humanities Institute.

Monday, October 22

Sarah Bush (Yale). Democracy Promotion in the Middle East. 7-8:15pm in HTB 146 (Hartford Campus). Sponsored by UConn Hartford, Middle East Studies, Global Affairs, and Political Science.

Tuesday, October 23

Sarah Bush (Yale). Islam, Gender Segregation, and Political Engagement: Evidence from an Experiment in Tunisia. 12:30-1:45 pm in Oak 438. Sponsored by Middle East Studies, Global Affairs, Political Science, and WGSS.

Thursday, November 1

Peter Loge (George Washington): A Call to Return to the Study and Teaching of Political Communication Ethics. 12:30-1:45pm in Oak 408.

Wednesday, November 7

Election Forum. Details TBD.

Thursday, November 29

David Richards (UConn POLS). Exploring the Normative Gap in the Legal Protection of Women from Violence. 12:30pm in Oak 438.


We are open to faculty who would like to speak – please speak to Matt Singer, David Richards, Veronica Herrera, or Evan Perkoski if you are interested.