Colloquium Schedule and Publicity

Events for Fall 2017

Wednesday, October 18

Richard Nielson (MIT): How the Internet Helps Women Gain Authority in Islam. 12:15pm in Oak 438.

Wednesday, October 25

Efe Tokdemir (Postdoc, OSU): Effects of Transnational Identity & Domestic Conflict on Attitudes toward Foreign Actors: Experimental Evidence from Turkey. 12:15pm in Oak 438.

Monday, November 6

Peter Krause (Boston College): Rebel Power: Why National Movements Compete, Fight, and Win. 12:15pm in Oak 438.

Tuesday, November 14

Noora Lori (Boston University): Ta’al Bachir (Come Tomorrow): The Politics of Waiting for Citizenship. 12:30pm in Oak 438.



We are open to faculty who would like to speak – please speak to Matt Singer, Tom Hayes, or Prakash Kashwan if you are interested.