Political Economy Workshop

Upcoming Talks

Date Time Location Presenter Department Title
Friday, Feb. 3rd 2017
Friday, Feb. 10th 2017
Friday, Feb. 17th 2017 12:20 PM Oak 438 Alexandre Debs Yale Political Science Optimism and War
Friday, Feb. 24th 2017 12:00 PM Oak 438 Johnannes Urpelainen Columbia Political Science Electoral Backlash or Positive Reinforcement? Wind Power and Congressional Elections in the United States
Friday, Mar. 3rd 2017
Friday, Mar. 10th 2017
Friday, Mar. 17th 2017 Break
Friday, Mar. 24th 2017
Friday, Apr. 7th 2017
Friday, Apr. 14th 2017 12:00 PM Oak 438 Simon Chauchard Dartmouth, Political Science Who Brokers the Vote in Rural India? Inferences from A Cross-referencing Survey
Friday, Apr. 21st 2017
Friday, Apr. 28th 2017