Recently Defended Dissertations

Author Title Year
Taesim Kim Bridge over Troubled Water: Risk and Public Support for Social Protection 2019
Gabriela Tafoya Social Protection in Latin America and the Caribbean: Welfare Generosity and Electoral Dynamics in Comparative Perspective 2019
Frank Griggs The Grapes of Development’s Aftermath: Climate Change, Displaced Persons, and Conflict 2019
Derefe Chevannes Modernity’s Undertone: On Reconceptualizing Political Speech 2019
Kelly Delaney Frames of Reference: Secularism, Religion, and Terrorism in the 21st Century 2019
Fathima Shaznene Hussain Property Limits of Human Rights: Postcolonial and Transnational Feminist Consideration of Responsible Agricultural Investment Discourses 2018
Bernadette LaMontagne Grasping the Third Rail: When and Why Does Unpopular Welfare Retrenchment Occur? 2018
Corinne Tagliarina The Confluence of Domestic and International Law in the Institutionalization of the Human Right to Water 2018
Ahmad Wais Wardak Hybrid Justice in Afghanistan: Challenges of State-building and Post-Conflict Rule of Law 2018
Timothy Bussey Lavender Security Threats: Understanding the Histories of Discrimination Against LGBT Persons in the Military and Intelligence Communities 2018
Stephen Del Visco National Review and White Racial Identity Politics in U.S. Conservatism 2018
Meghan Peterson Law’s Haze, Police Ways, and Tech’s Maze: Relationships Between American Law, Crime, and Technology 2017
Joshua Stapel Protecting the Liberal International Order: The Institutionalized Cooperation among the United States, the European Union, and Canada and the Organizational Development of IGOs 2017
Ross Dardani Weaponized Citizenship: A Critical Race Theory Analysis of U.S. Citizenship Legislation in the Pacific Insular Territories 2017
Jerry Rice National Insecurity: Why Do So Many in the World’s Most Security Conscious Nation Live in Fear? 2017
Melanie Meinzer Agents of Change? Critical IR, Foreign Aid and Political Consciousness in Palestinian Education 2017
Brian Boecherer The Cultivation and Development of Political Trust in Estonia Identity and the Perceived Intention of the Law 2017
Vanessa Lovelace Trailing Freedom: Embodied Resistance, Geopolitics, and a Black Sense of Freedom 2017
Takiyah Harper-Shipman What’s Left to Own?: Moving Beyond Ownership of Development in Aid-Dependent Africa 2017
Steven Williamson Pavement in Paradise: The Ngöbe People of Panama and a Theory of Geography, Infrastructure, and Resistance 2017
Timothy Dzurilla Fair Trade Pathways: Historical Institutionalism, Transnational Welfare Networks, and Fair Trade Impact on Coffee Producers in Nicaragua and East Timor 2017
Clifford Vickrey Seeking the Constituent Signal: Exit Poll Measures of Public Opinion and Dynamic Congressional Responsiveness 2016
Allyson Yankle Just Like Any Other Court: The European Court of Human Rights as a Political Institution 2016
Yunmin Nam Globalization, Welfare Policy, and Income Inequality in Developed Economies 2016
Jason Charrette A Difference that Makes a Difference: The Role of the United States in World Society 2016
Salil Benegal A Changing Climate in the Public Mind: How Do Economic Risk and Political Partisanship Affect How We Think About Climate Change 2016
Kevin Generous Procuring Swords for Plowshares: Congressional Use of Strategic Weapons Acquisition to Influence U.S. Arms Control Negotiations 2016
Daniela Melo Strategy and Context: Women’s and Urban Squatters’ Movements in Portugal 2015
Benjamin Carbonetti State Capacity: Explaining the Tools for Repression 2015
Juhem Navarro-Rivera The Diversity of Latino Ideology 2015
Gregory Williams Pioneers of Radical Political Economy: The Growth in the Thinking of Immanuel Wallerstein and Perry Anderson 2015
Jack J. Barry I Want My ICT: Information Communication Technology, Governance, and Poverty in the Developing World 2014
Kristy A. Belton Precarious Belonging: Stateless People in a ‘Postnational’ World 2014
Brenna L. Bridwell Legitimate Illegitimacy: Measuring Terrorists’ Legitimacy during and after Negotiations 2014
Yazmín A García Trejo Gender Differences in Political Knowledge: Case of Mexico 2014
Sarah Cote Hampson Rights in the Balance: Rights Consciousness, Rights Claiming and Work/Life Balance Policy in the United States 2014
Jamie Huff On Southern Soil: Fiction, Identity, Violence, and the Law 2014
Dennis Ricci Dissertation: U.S. Military Intervention in the Post-Cold War Era: A Case-Study Analysis of Presidential Decision Making 2014
María Fernanda Enríquez Szentkirályi Social Movements and Framing Decisions: Ecuador’s Campaign for the Rights of Nature 2014
Daniel Tagliarina Power, Privilege, and Prayer: Christian Right Identity Politics and Mobilizing for School Prayer 2014