Recently Defended Dissertations

Author Title Year
Jack J. Barry I Want My ICT: Information Communication Technology, Governance, and Poverty in the Developing World 2014
Kristy A. Belton Precarious Belonging: Stateless People in a ‘Postnational’ World 2014
Brenna L. Bridwell Legitimate Illegitimacy: Measuring Terrorists’ Legitimacy during and after Negotiations 2014
Yazmín A García Trejo Gender Differences in Political Knowledge: Case of Mexico 2014
Sarah Cote Hampson Rights in the Balance: Rights Consciousness, Rights Claiming and Work/Life Balance Policy in the United States 2014
Jamie Huff On Southern Soil: Fiction, Identity, Violence, and the Law 2014
Dennis Ricci Dissertation: U.S. Military Intervention in the Post-Cold War Era: A Case-Study Analysis of Presidential Decision Making 2014
María Fernanda Enríquez Szentkirályi Social Movements and Framing Decisions: Ecuador’s Campaign for the Rights of Nature 2014
Daniel Tagliarina Power, Privilege, and Prayer: Christian Right Identity Politics and Mobilizing for School Prayer 2014
Benjamin Carbonetti State Capacity: Explaining the Tools for Repression 2015
Juhem Navarro-Rivera The Diversity of Latino Ideology 2015
Gregory Williams Pioneers of Radical Political Economy: The Growth in the Thinking of Immanuel Wallerstein and Perry Anderson 2015