Degree Programs in Political Science

Fifth Year Master of Arts Degree

As an undergraduate UConn student, you may have an opportunity to complete a master’s degree through and expedited program in just one year after completing your undergraduate degree. The 30-credit POLS 5th Year Master’s Program offers strong undergraduates, already at UConn, an opportunity to begin graduate-level study during their senior year and continue for a fifth year after completing undergraduate requirements. For more information, click here.

Race Ethnicity Politics Graduate Certificate

As an admitted or enrolled UConn master’s or PhD student, you have the opportunity to earn a graduate certificate by completing 4 pre-approved Race Ethnicity and Politics (REP) related 3-credit courses. UConn master’s or PhD students studying fields, including, social science, social work, law, history, or public policy will find this face-to-face Storrs Campus-based certificate an excellent opportunity to build strong foundations and enhance analytical skills. For more information, click here.

Doctor of Philosophy Degree

Our doctoral program prepares students to do innovative research and teaching in institutions of higher education as well as for careers in government and with a range of non-governmental organizations and research foundations. Work toward the degree proceeds in two stages. In the first, students do course work to develop expertise in two chosen subfields in which he or she will take PhD exams. Our subfields currently include: American politics, international relations, comparative politics, political theory, and public law. (See our Areas of Concentration page further details on each area.) Once the student has completed his or her scope, method, and elective requirements and successfully passed the PhD exams, he or she becomes ABD (or all but dissertation) and constitutes a dissertation committee with which he or she prepares a dissertation proposal outlining an original research project. When this project is complete, he or she defends the dissertation. For examples of recently defended dissertations in the Political Science department at UCONN see “Recently Defended Dissertations.”

The full requirements held by the University of Connecticut Graduate School can be viewed in the on-line Graduate School Catalog.

The Political Science Department no longer offers a terminal Master’s program.