Political Science Graduate Student Association (PSGSA)

Mission Statement

The Political Science Graduate Students Association (PSGSA) is a registered Tier-II organization run by and for Political Science graduate students at the University of Connecticut. The purpose of the PSGSA is to foster socialization, camaraderie, and professionalism of Political Science graduate students through the coordination of awareness projects and events. The PSGSA also seeks to facilitate the interaction of graduate students and faculty. All interested Political Science graduate students are welcome to participate in any meetings and events organized by the PSGSA.

Graduate Orientation Potluck

Each summer, the PSGSA has an orientation potluck to welcome incoming and continuing graduate students. Here are some photos from past events.

  • PSGSA Potluck


President Hailey Greenhalgh hailey.greenhalgh@uconn.edu
Vice President Carolyn Conway carolyn.conway@uconn.edu
Treasurer Stavros Papadopoulos stavros.papadopoulos@uconn.edu
Secretary Frank Griggs frank.griggs@uconn.edu
Graduate Affairs Brooks Kirchgassner brooks.kirchgassner@uconn.edu
Graduate Admissions Erica MacDonald erica.macdonald@uconn.edu
Graduate Admissions Carol Gray carol.gray@uconn.edu
Graduate Student Senate Cristian Gogu cristian.gogu@uconn.edu

Officers of the PSGSA are elected annually.

The PSGSA is also always looking for volunteers so please feel free to send us an email if you are interested in getting involved!