Faculty Office Hours

List of People
NameEmailOffice LocationCampusOffice Hours
Alexander Anievasalexander.anievas@uconn.eduOak Hall 429StorrsWed 10:30am - 1:30pm
Zehra Aratzehra.arat@uconn.eduOak Hall 429StorrsWed 2:30pm - 3:30pm and by appointment
Oksan Bayulgenoksan.bayulgen@uconn.eduOak Hall 409AStorrsMon 10am - 1pm
Kimberly Bergendahlkimberly.bergendahl@uconn.eduOak Hall 435StorrsTuTh 12:50 - 1:50pm and Wed 10-11am
Samuel Bestsam.best@uconn.eduOak Hall 427StorrsTuTh 12:30pm - 2pm
Meina Caimeina.cai@uconn.eduOak Hall 449StorrsMW 1:30-3pm
Richard Colerichard.cole@uconn.eduAvery PointAvery Point
Jeffrey Dudasjeffrey.dudas@uconn.eduOak Hall 421StorrsMWF 11am - Noon
Stephen Dysonstephen.dyson@uconn.eduOak Hall 406StorrsTuTh 11-12:30pm
Beth Ginsbergbeth.ginsberg@uconn.eduStamford 357StamfordMW 10:30am - Noon
Jane Gordonjane.gordon@uconn.eduOak Hall 414StorrsTu 9-10:30 am and 12:30-2pm
Thomas Hayesthomas.hayes@uconn.eduOak Hall 423StorrsTh 10am - 1pm or by appointment
Susan Herbstsusan.herbst@uconn.eduGulley HallStorrs
Veronica Herreraveronica.herrera@uconn.eduOak Hall 440StorrsOn leave (2016-2017)
Paul Herrnsonpaul.herrnson@uconn.eduOak Hall 422StorrsMon 11:30am - 12:30pm, Wed 11am - Noon, and by appointment
Shareen Hertelshareen.hertel@uconn.eduOak Hall 404StorrsWednesday 9am-Noon (schedule via AdvApp)
Virginia Hettingervirginia.hettinger@uconn.eduOak Hall 450StorrsM 10:30am-12:30pm and TuTh 11-11:30am
Prakash Kashwanprakash.kashwan@uconn.eduOak Hall 446StorrsWF 1:30-2:30pm (schedule via AdvApp) and by appointment
Kristin Kellyk.kelly@uconn.eduOak Hall 425StorrsTu 1-2pm and Thurs 12-2pm
Jeffrey Ladewigjeffrey.ladewig@uconn.eduOak Hall 434StorrsTuTh 1:30-3pm
Fred Leefred.lee@uconn.eduOak Hall 436StorrsMF 10:15-11:45am and by appointment
Jeffrey Lefebvrejeff.lefebvre@uconn.eduStamford, Room 370StamfordMW 11am-12:15pm (Room 370) and 1:10-1:25pm (Room 229)
Robert Luptonrobert.lupton@uconn.eduStamford 355StamfordTu 2:30pm - 4:30pm and Th 3-5pm
Michael Morrellmichael.morrell@uconn.eduOak Hall 432StorrsBy appointment only
Yonatan Morseyonatan.morse@uconn.eduStamford 376 / Oak 420Stamford / Storrs
Vincent Moscardellivin.moscardelli@uconn.eduOak Hall 445Storrs
Shayla Nunnallyshayla.nunnally@uconn.eduOak Hall 403StorrsOn Sabbatical
Evan Perkoskievan.perkoski@uconn.eduOak Hall 433StorrsTu / Th 10-11:30am
Jeremy Pressmanjeremy.pressman@uconn.eduOak Hall 426StorrsTuTh 11am - Noon, 2-2:30pm
David Richardsdavid.richards@uconn.eduOak Hall 448StorrsTuTh 3:30pm - 4:30pm
Ronald Schurinronald.schurin@uconn.eduOak Hall 443StorrsTuTh 11am - 1pm and by appointment
Lyle Scruggslyle.scruggs@uconn.eduOak Hall 405StorrsMTu 11:30am - 1pm and by appointment (Please email for appointment)
Evelyn Simienevelyn.simien@uconn.eduOak Hall 416StorrsTuTh 2-3:30pm
Matthew Singermatthew.m.singer@uconn.eduOak Hall 447StorrsMW 2:30-4pm
Jennifer Sterling-Folkerjennifer.sterling-folker@uconn.eduOak Hall 415StorrsTuTh 9:30 - 11am and by appointment
Christine Sylvesterchristine.sylvester@uconn.eduOak Hall 430 / 4th Floor HBLStorrsMon 3:30 - 4:30pm
Charles Venatorcharles.venator@uconn.eduOak Hall 424StorrsWed 1-3pm and by appointment
Brian Waddellbrian.waddell@uconn.eduGreater Hartford CampusHartford
David Yalofdavid.yalof@uconn.eduOak Hall 412StorrsBy appointment only
Cyrus Zirakzadehcyrus.zirakzadeh@uconn.eduOak Hall 417StorrsTu 12:30-2pm and We 12-1:30pm