Steven Williamson

Ph.D. Candidate

Political Science

Steven Williamson

My primary interest is in the political life of marginal peoples, both those who resist the project of the state, and those who are effectively excluded from the project of the state. Running parallel to this is an interest in theories about that marginalization as they are articulated from various positions of power. This would include an interest in lay theory, or the everyday theories of the people themselves, as used in the Social Psychology tradition. Particularly interesting in this context is the interaction between more traditional political theory and lay theorization.

Research Interests

resistance and the state, marginal peoples, comparative and lay theory

Publications and Awards

Steven Williamson, “The Comparative Politics of Zombie Attack,” in Teaching Politics Beyond the Book: Film, Texts, and New Media in the Classroom, ed. Robert W. Glover and Daniel Tagliarina (Bloomsbury, New York, 2012).

APSA Teaching and Learning Conference 2011, Panel on Role Play and Simulations in the Classroom, presented “The Comparative Politics of Zombie Attack: Using Zombie Apocalypse to Illustrate State Collapse and Reconstruction.”

APSA Teaching and Learning Conference 2008, Panel on Civic Engagement, Discussant.


M.A., Political Science, University of Rhode Island, 2009
B.A., Spanish, Rhode Island College, RI, 2007
B.A., Liberal Arts, St. John’s College, MD/NM, 1989

Contact Information
Office LocationOak Hall 437