UConn Undergraduate Political Review

Welcome to the UConn Undergraduate Political Review:

A scholarly publication dedicated to providing a diverse analysis of political events and issues.

Affiliated with the Department of Political Science, these articles are written, edited, and reviewed by undergraduates who have exhibited a commitment to academic excellence and political involvement. Our objective is to provide an opportunity for students to present nuanced contributions to the policy debates ongoing within our society and the UConn community.

As we present student-generated dialogue, interested undergraduates are encouraged to reach out to us. We accept general applications for new writers at the beginning of each semester. To apply please send a resume and writing sample to uconnpoliticalreview@gmail.com.

Please see all of our editions below!

Edition Nine: The Unmaking of the American Century?

Edition Eight: Spring 2019

Edition Seven: Volatile Political and Institutional Change: Discourses on our Future

Edition Six: Environmental Politics and Policy in the Age of Trump

Edition Five: Human Rights in Today’s World

Edition Four: Globalization: Past, Present, and Future

Edition Three: Reflecting on Obama’s Legacy

Edition Two: Free Speech, Political Correctness, and Civil Dialogue

Edition One: Election Issues