2020 Honors Theses

With Coronavirus cancelling our annual Research Excellence in Political Science (REPS) event, we are making our students’ thesis research presentations available virtually in order to showcase the breath of research done by our graduating honors students this year. Please click on the links below to view their posters.

We congratulate our seniors who have pushed through this difficult time to complete their research and acknowledge their advisors for their support and guidance in this process.


Adams, Kyle (Advisor: Dr. Herrnson). Left Out of Congress: Examining the Struggles of Republican Women in the 2018 Congressional Elections.

Alam, Fizza (Advisor: Dr. Ladewig). Did-Anti-Trump Protests Matter in the 2018 Midterm Election? An Analysis of Whether Post Inauguration Protests Effected 2018 House Electoral Outcome.

Andino, Ashley (Advisor: Dr. Irizarry). Separate and Still Unequal: A Case Study of Racial Isolation and Educational Outcomes in Bridgeport, Connecticut 1960 – 2020.

Chester, Ryan (Advisor: Dr. Cai). Is China stealing our tech? A Look into the Role of Intellectual Property Rights in US-China Relations.

Cruz, Luis (Advisor: Dr. Bayulgen). Hope in the Neoliberal Policy: An Assessment of Mexico’s Energy Sector.

Dubsky, Andrew (Advisor: Dr. Bergendahl). Public Matters? Comparing Decision-Making by Appointed and Elected Prosecutors in Cases of Police Killings in the Hartford Judicial District and Suffolk County.

Garcia, Miranda (Advisor: Dr. Hettinger). Legislating the birds and the bees: Evaluating the effectiveness of state sexuality education mandates

Harman, Brady (Advisor: Dr. Perkoski). It’s Oil Downhill From Here: How Oil-Reliant, Autocratic Regimes Transition to Renewable Energy.

Huydic, Connor (Advisor: Dr. Dudas). What does it Take? The Informal Factors that are Conducive to the Passage of a Participatory Amendment.

Kimber, Addison (Advisor: Dr. Mauldin). The Impact of Location on Healthcare Access for Individuals with Disabilities.

Klin, Magdalena (Advisor: Dr. Pressman). March Like a Girl: A Case Study of the Women’s Movements in Spain and the United States.

Lac, Nicole (Advisor: Dr. Richards). Sex Trafficking and its Economic, Political, and Sociocultural Drivers: What Makes the Business of Sex?

LaFontan, Abigail (Advisor: Dr. Schwartz). District Regulated Nutrition Programs: Identifying the Gap Between Language in District Wellness Policies and Implementation Practices in Public Schools.

Longo, Anne Cathrine (Advisor: Dr. Boyer). Governing a Continent of Trash: The Global Politics of Oceanic Pollution.

Shah, Maria (Advisor: Dr. Hanson). Just Around the River Bend: The Problem with Water Privatization in Pakistan.

Zambelli, Sara (Advisor: Dr. Sylvester). ‘We Can’t Whistle, Dance, or Be Happy’: Immigration Through the Eyes of Latin American Women.

Zatserkovniy, Nicole (Advisor: Dr. Venator Santiago). How Did Ambiguity Across State Laws Lead to Preemptive Federal Legislation Banning Microbeads?