Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I receive credit for a summer internship?
Yes! You can be an intern in the summer, from May to August! Internship credits can be earned through Option 1 or through The Washington Center (Option 3). Please be advised that summer internships for credit are treated like summer courses for credit. There will be associated fees with receiving credit for summer internships. Please refer to the Registrar’s Office website for more information on summer tuition and fees.

Can I receive credit in the current semester for an internship I completed in the past?
To receive credit for an internship, students must enroll in the appropriate course(s) prior to undertaking the work. No retroactive credit will be given for internship work undertaken without being properly enrolled in advance.

Can I receive credit for a paid internship?
The Department of Political Science does not forbid monetary payment for internship work, provided that such payment is incidental to the experiential learning to be gained from the work. The Department of Political Science strictly adheres to the CLAS policy on internships; more information on CLAS guidelines can be found at:

What are the deadlines for applying for internships and course registration?
Each internship opportunity has different deadlines. Please be aware of that. The applications for interning with the CT General Assembly are to be submitted no later than November 1st to the POLS Internship Coordinator. Registration for POLS 3991 may begin as early as the start of the registration period but should be no later than the end of add/drop for the semester/session in which you will be completing your internship. All course registrations must be done with the Internship Coordinator; registration cannot be done via the Student Administration System.

What types of internship opportunities are available?
While students are primarily responsible for locating their own internships, the Internship Coordinator will occasionally send out information regarding new opportunities. Please click our list of approved internships completed by UConn students. Other internships may qualify. Contact the Internship Coordinator regarding any questions regarding which internships may qualify for POLS credit.

Can I earn more than 3 credits for providing more than 126 hours of service during my government-related internship?
No. The minimum amount of service hours is set at 126. Students will still receive only 3 credits for going over this minimum. The only POLS internships that are approved for more than 3 credits are through The Washington Center and the CT General Assembly where students can earn up to 15 credits for the internship and its related work.

What if I do not meet the eligibility requirements to receive credit for my internship through the Department of Political Science?
Students who do not meet the eligibility requirements explained above may contact the Division of Career Services to find out more about how to earn credit through that department for an internship.

Should I still do an internship if I am not going to receive credit for it?
Absolutely. It is always important to learn as much as you can. Internships provide practical experience that may not be learned in the classroom. And, it can always be a great resume builder!

How can I apply the internship credits towards my Political Science distributional requirements?
For POLS Majors: No more than three credits of POLS 3991 can be counted toward the 24 credits of 2000-level or higher required for the Political Science major. The credits can be counted in part two (2) of the Plan of Study. There are exceptions to this rule for students completing internships with the CT General Assembly, The Washington Center, and the UCONN Honors Congressional Internship Program. Students in those programs may apply up to 6 credits towards the requirements under part two (2) of the Plan of Study. Please note: The placement of credits on the Plan of Study ultimately rests with the student’s assigned major advisor. More information on major requirements is available on our Major page.

For POLS Minors: No internship credits fulfill any requirement for the Political Science minor.
More information on minor requirements is available on our Minor page.

Additional credits may count towards the total required for graduation. If you have any questions, please see your major advisor.

Additional Questions? Contact the POLS Internship Coordinator, Kimberly Bergendahl, at 

For further information regarding internships please visit: