Related Courses Approved for the Political Science Major

All 2000 level or higher courses in:

  • ANTH
  • ECON
  • GEOG
  • HIST
  • HRTS
  • PHIL
  • PP
  • SOCI

*Any course in these departments that is cross-listed with POLS will count towards the major and not as a related course*

Courses from the following list (or their W variant) and other courses as approved by advisor:

AASI 2030 Art, Politics, and Propaganda
AFRA 3211 Introduction to Africana Studies
BADM 3720 The Legal & Ethical Environment of Business
BLAW 3175 Legal & Ethical Environment of Business
BLAW 3660 International Business Law
COMM 2310 Media Literacy and Criticism
COMM 3100 Persuasion
COMM 3103 Motivation and Emotion
COMM 3200 Interpersonal Communication
COMM 3300 Effects of Mass Media
COMM 3321 Latinas and Media
COMM 3400 Mass Media & Political Process
COMM 3440 Communication Law & Policy
COMM 3450 Gender and Communication
COMM 4100 Advanced Persuasion and Communication
COMM 4120 Communication Campaigns & Applied Research
COMM 4200 Advanced Interpersonal Communication
COMM 4250 Communication in Conflict Management
COMM 4410 Government Communication
COMM 4420 Communication & Change
COMM 4422 Protest & Communication
COMM 4450 Global Communication
COMM 4451 Media, State, & Society
COMM 4460 Cross-Cultural Communication
COMM 4630 Communication Technology and Social Change
COMM 4820 Public Relations
ENGL 2605 Capitalism, Literature, and Culture
ENGL 3619 Topics in Literature & Human Rights (HRTS 3619)
ENGL 3265 Seminar in American Studies (AMST 3265W)
ENGL 3633 The Rhetoric of Political Discourse in Literature and Society
FREN 3224 Issues in Cultural Studies, the Media, & the Social Sciences
FREN 3274 French Cultural Studies
GERM 3251 German Culture and Civilization
HDFS 3110 Social and Community Influence on Children in the US
HDFS 3249 Gender and Aging
HDFS 3520 Legal Aspects of Family Life
HDFS 3530 Public Policy and the Family
HDFS 3540 Child Welfare, Law and Social Policy
HDFS 3550 Comparative Family Policy
INTD 2245 Introduction to Diversity Studies in American Culture
JOUR 2001W Newswriting II
JOUR 3000 Public Affairs Reporting
JOUR 3002 Journalism Ethics
JOUR 3020 Journalism Law
LLAS 3210 Contemporary Issues in Latino Studies
LING 2850 Introduction to the Sociolinguistics of the Deaf Community
LING 3610 Language and Culture
LING 3110 Experimental Linguistics
LING 3850 Cultural and Linguistic Variation in the Deaf Community
LING 3510Q Syntax and Semantics
PSYC 2100Q Principles of Research in Psychology
PSYC 2101 Introduction to Multicultural Psychology
PSYC 2501 Cognitive Psychology
PSYC 2600 Industrial/Organizational Psychology
PSYC 2700 Social Psychology
PSYC 2701 Social Psychology of Multiculturalism
PSYC 3100 The History & Systems of Psychology
PSYC 3102 Psychology of Women
PSYC 3103 Motivation and Emotion
PSYC 3106 Black Psychology
PSYC 3402 Child Development in Sociopolitical Context
PSYC 3600 Social-Organizational Psychology
SPAN 3204 Language and Culture of US Hispanics
SPAN 3205 Contemporary Spanish America
URBN 3000 Urban Anthropology
URBN 3276 Urban Problems
WGSS 2105 Gender and Science
WGSS 2124 Gender and Globalization
WGSS 2263 Women and Violence
WGSS 2267 Women and Poverty
WGSS 3042 Baseball and Society: Politics, Economics, Race, and Gender
WGSS 3105 The Politics of Reproduction
WGSS 3253 Gender Representations in US Popular Culture
WGSS 3255 Sexual Citizenship
WGSS 3264 Gender in the Workplace
WGSS 3269 Women’s Movements
WGSS 3270 Masculinities