1. 4/2 Design for Freedom: Constructing a Humane Future with Ethical Materials
  1. 4/3 Undergraduate Fellows’ Talk: Breanna Bonner and Nathan Howard
  1. 4/8 Harnessing the Market for Social Change: Investors and Responsible Contracting
  1. 4/10 Master Human Rights Practitioner Workshop with Charlie Clements
  1. 4/10 Making the Most of Every Opportunity: How to Make an Awesome First Impression
  1. 4/12 What if They Gave an Election and Everyone Came? A Discussion on Universal Voting
  1. 4/17 Electoral Anxiety: Courts, Race and Democracy
  1. 4/18 Virtually Defenseless? America’s 20-Year Struggle to Defend Itself in Cyberspace
  1. 4/22 Earth Café 2024
  1. 4/24 Research Excellence in Political Science (REPS)
  1. 4/25 Geography Colloquium - Dr. Barry Zellen

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