POLS Department Calendar

  1. 2/3Black Lives Matter and the Politics of Value
  1. 2/13Repression Before and After the Arab Spring
  1. 2/14Poli Sci/Econ Students: Ed Abroad Info Session
  1. 2/14POLS and Education Abroad Information Session
  1. 2/15Antifascism is as American as Apple Pie
  1. 2/19Colloquium: Dr. Alyx Mark
  1. 2/19Tethered Fates: Companies, Communities, and Rights at Stake
  1. 2/19MPA/MPP Fast Track Information Session
  1. 2/19Humanities Fellow Research Talk: Alexander Anievas
  1. 2/22Encounters: The Census
  1. 2/25The State and the Market in Indian Education
  1. 2/26Colloquium: Justin Gross (UMass)
  1. 2/28Elect Her: UConn Women Win Training
  1. 2/28Foreign Policy Seminar Series: Kelly Shannon