1. 3/9POLS Presentation: "Foreign Sponsorship of Armed Groups and Civil War Onset"
  1. 3/10“Right-and-Wrong or Life-and-Death? Civilian Mindsets and Attitudes Toward Peace in Wartime”
  1. 3/21Joshua Kertzer Presentation: Advisers and Aggregation in Foreign Policy Decision-Making
  1. 3/21POLS Presentation: Advisors in Foreign Policy
  1. 3/21Presentation: "The Coloniality of Law in the US and Brazilian Indigenous Peoples' Contexts"
  1. 3/22Middle East Studies Colloquium: Activism in War: How International Aid Shapes Nonviolent Action in Violent Contexts
  1. 3/29POLS Internship Open House
  1. 3/30Carl Wennerlind: "Scarcity: A History from the Origins of Capitalism to the Climate Crisis"
  1. 3/31Foreign Policy Seminar- Kristin Hoganson