1. 10/9Empires Or Umpires? Political Questions, Separation Of Powers, And Judicial Legitimacy
  1. 10/13Talk With Dafna Michaelson Jenet
  1. 10/13POLS Colloquium: Alyx Mark
  1. 10/13Road to 270: The 2020 Presidential Election
  1. 10/15Listen To The Experts: Law School Admissions Representative Panel
  1. 10/15UConn Fall 2020 Virtual Graduate and Law School Fair
  1. 10/17Law School Admissions 101
  1. 10/19Is The University Colonial?: Critical Conversations On Its Past
  1. 10/20The Stakes Of Authenticity Claims
  1. 10/27Goodnight, Status Quo: State Court Innovation In The Wake Of Covid-19
  1. 10/27POLS Colloquium: State Court Innovation In The Wake of Covid-19