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Programs and Requirements

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Students can pursue a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Political Science and pair their degree with an honors track. UConn political science majors engage in hands-on experiences that demonstrate the real-world applications of their degrees. Students do this through projects in small, upper-division classes; through internships at the local, state, and national levels; through developing their own independent research projects under the guidance of a faculty mentor; and by engaging with the UConn community via student organizations, publications, and government.

The Department offers a broad range of courses in six categories:

  • Theory and Methodology
  • Comparative Politics
  • International Relations
  • American Politics
  • Public Administration, Policy, and Law
  • Race, Gender, and Ethnic Politics

Courses are available in person and online throughout the year, including winter and summer sessions, offering students the maximum flexibility to complete their degree.

Visit the Undergraduate Catalog site for a full list of requirements.

Download the major plan of study.


Students must complete an introductory 1000-level course selected from POLS 1002, 1202, 1207, 1402, or 1602. At least one additional 1000-level course is recommended.

Students must also complete at least 15 credits of coursework at the 2000 level or higher. A W or Q course may be substituted for the same numbered course. Of these 15 credits, nine credits (three courses) must be taken from three of the six subdivisions. Crosslisted courses may only count once towards this distribution.

  • POLS 3991 and 3999 may not count towards the minor. POLS 3995 will count towards the minor but will only count towards the subdivision requirement with the consent of the advisor.
  • POLS 2998 courses apply to minor and may count towards the subdivision requirement. The subdivisions that these courses are assigned to can be found on the advising page.
  • Completion of a minor requires that a student earn a C (2.0) grade or better in each of the required courses for that minor.
    No substitutions are allowed.

Visit the Undergraduate Catalog site for a full list of requirements.

Download the minor plan of study.

For questions about any of these programs, please contact your academic advisor.

All political science freshmen, sophomore, and transfer students are assigned to Jessamy Hoffmann, academic advisor for the Department of Political Science. Juniors and seniors are assigned to faculty advisors. All students are welcome to make an appointment with Jessamy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Where is the Department of Political Science located?

The Department of Political Science is located on the 4th floor of Herbst Hall. Political science faculty and graduate students have offices on the 3rd and 4th floors of Herbst Hall. The main office is in Herbst 409.

When is the Department office open?

The Department is currently closed to in-person visitors. Please contact to speak to an office administrator or to address general questions.

Where are the faculty mailboxes?

The political science faculty mailboxes are located in room 409, which is open whenever the Department office is open. The graduate student boxes are located in room 437. Some courses are taught by graduate students, so please check both offices if you are not sure or feel free to ask the office staff.

How do I find my professor’s office?

A list of offices, office hours, and phone numbers can be found in our faculty directory.

I need the Department head’s signature for a form. How do I get it?

Email and the staff can help you. Most forms will be ready for pick up by the next day.

Majoring in Political Science

How do I declare my major?

You can declare a CLAS major for the first time or change from one CLAS major to another CLAS major by visiting the program plan change website. If you are declaring a double major then you need to schedule an appointment the academic advisor for political science.

What is a plan of study?

A plan of study is a form that summarizes all the courses that you need to take for your major. Your final plan of study needs to be submitted in Student Administration by the 4th week of the semester in which you expect to graduate. Hard copies of the plan of study are available on our advising and resources page.

I can’t meet with my advisor during their regular office hours. What should I do?

All students are welcome to schedule an appointment with Jessamy Hoffmann, academic advisor for political science, through the Nexus scheduling application.

What are the grade requirements for a major?

You need to maintain a “C” average (2.0) for the political science courses listed on your final plan of study.

How do I calculate my GPA?

Please use the GPA Calculator tool in Nexus.

Can I get credit for an internship through political science?

Yes, you may earn credit for internships. Please review the requirements for internships on our Get Involved page.

What courses qualify as “related” courses?

At least 12 credits in courses related to political science courses taken from one or more other departments. These courses must be numbered 2000 or above and cannot be taken on a pass-fail basis. All 2000-level courses in anthropology, economics, geography, history, human rights, philosophy, public policy, and sociology will meet this requirement. Any course within these departments that is cross-listed with POLS will count towards the major and not as a related. Certain other courses have been approved as related. Courses not in the departments listed above or included on the pre-approved list may be approved as related courses at the discretion of your advisor.

Minoring in Political Science

How do I minor in Political Science?

You can declare a the minor by visiting the program plan change website. Please be sure to submit your minor final plan of study in Student Administration by the fourth week of your final semester. For questions regarding the minor, please schedule an appointment the academic advisor for political science. You can download a copy of the plan of study form on our advising page.

Which courses do I have to take for a minor?

See the minor requirements section above for specific courses.

What are the grade requirements for a minor?

You need to obtain a grade of “C” or better in all courses for the minor.

Will the minor be listed on my diploma?

No, the minor will only be listed on your transcript.


What classes will the Department of Political Science offer this year?

To see current classes, check

I need to over-enroll in a class. Who should I talk to?

You can ask the instructor of the course if you can over-enroll. Only the instructor can grant this permission.

What if I want to take more that 17 credits next semester?

If you earned a 2.6 GPA in your last semester you can take 18 credits by stopping by the Registrar’s Office. Otherwise, you need to fill out an excess credit form. The form will not be approved until your most recent semester GPA posts.