Undergraduate Research

Political science students can gain hands-on experience through independent research and by serving as research assistants on faculty projects.

Participating in research allows students build relationships with their professors and peers, and strengthen invaluable skills that students will take with them into graduate school or a future career.

Research Awards and Funding Opportunities for Undergraduates

The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) offers funding for research and scholarship projects to all undergraduates at UConn. Many of our students have taken advantage of IDEA Grants; Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts Research Experience (SHARE) Awards; and Summer Undergraduate Research Fund (SURF) Awards, to name a few.


View a list of funding programs


Research Assistantships


  • Undergraduate students with a federal work-study award may take advantage of the Work-Study Research Assistant Program offered through the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR). Beginning in mid-June, OUR will post a list of research assistant openings submitted by various faculty. Students can apply to one or more posts that match their interests. Students with a work-study award must secure a job by September 15. Please contact the Office of Undergraduate Research at our@uconn.edu or 860-486-7939 with any questions about this program.

Faculty Research Projects

Students are encouraged to reach out directly to their political science professors to learn about their research expertise and ask about research assistantship opportunities. Learn more about the Department’s research subfields and visit our faculty directory to learn more about your professors’ research interests. Not sure how to get started? View tips for connecting with faculty via the Office of Undergraduate Research.