Graduating Seniors

In order to graduate, you need to complete three steps:

1. Apply to Graduate

You must apply to graduate by the first four weeks of the semester in which you plan to graduate. This adds you to the list of graduates and notifies the Registrar’s Office to audit your requirements. This also includes you in the printed materials for the Commencement ceremony.

2. Submit Your Final Plan of Study

  • To do this, first you must view your advisement report. The Registrar’s Office uses this report to audit you for graduation. It is live, up to date, and reflects everything you have completed, are currently taking, and are registered for. If any areas are open (or highlighted in orange on the PDF version), you have not registered for a course that fulfills the requirement and cannot graduate until you do so.
  • Note: If you need to see which POLS 2998s were offered during various semesters and which subdivisions they fulfilled, you can go to the POLS Advising and Resources page and click on the blue box that says 'POLS 2998 Sections'.
  • Then submit your final plan of study. If you need to explain anything, such as a POLS 2998 that should be used to fulfill a subdivision, make a note in the comment box. Submitting a final plan of study sends a version of your advisement report to your major advisor (and minor if applicable) who will review it to determine if you have met all your requirements. If so, it will be approved and forwarded electronically to the Registrar’s Office for final review. If you're missing anything, the reviewer will notify you through this online tool. You may track the progress of this at any time.

3. Fill Out the Graduating Seniors Information Form

Fill out the POLS Graduating Seniors Information Form below. We're proud of you and want to know more about your plans!

POLS Graduating Seniors Information Form

Graduating Seniors Information Form