Lyle A. Scruggs


Political Science

Comparative Politics, Political Economy, Social Policy, Environmental Politics, Research Methods

Ph.D. Duke University

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Professor Scruggs received his BA from Wake Forest University in 1990 and his Ph.D. from Duke University in 1998. His specialties are comparative political economy, comparative welfare policy, comparative environmental politics and quantitative research methods. He is the author of Sustaining Abundance: Environmental Performance in Industrial Democracies (Cambridge University Press, 2003), and more recently “Declining Public Concern about Climate Change: Can We Blame the Great Recession?” Global Environmental Change. Professor Scruggs is a co-Director of the Comparative Entitlements Dataset Project (CWED), and the UConn Political Economy Workshop, an affiliate of the Center for Environmental Science and Engineering, a member of the Human Rights Institute’s Economic and Social Rights Group. Professor Scruggs has been a Visiting Scholar at the Quality of Government Institute in Gothenburg, Sweden (2017), the Russell Sage Foundation in New York City (2011-12), and the University of Edinburgh (2004).

Professor Scruggs is currently engaged in several research projects.

First, he is part of an international research team that is working on comparing the generosity of social welfare benefits around the world and across the United States. This project has twice received support from the National Science Foundation and from the German Research Foundation, and received an award from the Comparative Politics Section of the American Political Science Association.

His second project involves understanding public and elite attitudes about climate change. He is currently working on trends in public opinion in different countries around the world.

He is currently looking for undergraduate and graduate research collaborators in any disciplinary field in both of these research areas.

Selected Publications

  • “The Influence of Inequality on Welfare Generosity: Evidence from the U.S. States.” Politics & Society. 45(1), 2017: 35-66. (with Thomas Hayes)
  • “Measuring Unemployment Insurance Generosity.” Political Analysis. 21 (4), 2013: 524-549 (with Stéphan Pallage and Christian Zimmermann)
  • “Measuring and Validating Social Program Replacement Rates.” Journal of European Public Policy. 20 (9), 2013: 1267-1284.
  • “Declining Public Concern about Climate Change: Can We Blame the Great Recession?” Global Environmental Change. 22 (2), 2012:505-515 (with Salil Benegal).
  • “Income Inequality, Development and Electoral Turnout – New Evidence on a Burgeoning Debate.” Electoral Studies 31, 2012: 764-773 (with Daniel Stockemer)
  • “Information, Choice and Political Consumption: Human Rights in the Checkout Lane.” Human Rights Quarterly. 33 (4), 2011: 1092-1121 (with Shareen Hertel, Christopher Jeffords and Sam Best).
  • “Social Stratification and Welfare Regimes in the 21st Century.” World Politics. 60, 2008: 642-64 (with James Allan)
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