Clubs and Organizations

Pi Sigma Alpha

Pi Sigma Alpha is the national honor society for political science majors based in Washington, DC. Membership signifies academic achievement within the field, and all members receive a certificate of membership as well as permanent enrollment in the society’s membership rolls maintained by the National Office. The purpose of Pi Sigma Alpha is to stimulate scholarship and interest in the subject of government by providing tangible recognition to students who have excelled in the field.

At the beginning of each academic year, the department’s faculty adviser issues an open invitation for qualified majors to join UConn’s chapter. An informational meeting is held, and applications are accepted for several weeks thereafter. Membership dues cover the certificate, an informal luncheon with the political science faculty (hosted by the chapter) during the Fall semester, and an induction dinner during the Spring semester. Other activities depend on the enthusiasm and interest of the chapter’s members.

For more information, see our Pi Sigma Alpha page.

Undergraduate Political Science Association (Stamford)

The Undergraduate Political Science Association (based at UConn’s Stamford Campus) is a nonpartisan, student-led, professionally-run organization committed to creating a space that encourages intellectual dialogue on political subjects, strengthens the relationship between students and faculty, and helps students grow intellectually, socially and professionally. All students from all campuses are welcome. Events include debate watch parties, professional headshot sessions, town halls, discussions, strategy meetings, and field trips.

Read the UPSA 2019-20 Executive Plan here.

Travel Model United Nations

(formerly International Relations Association)

This organization is open to all students in the University, but it is of special interest to political science majors. It seeks to provide opportunities to increase their knowledge and understanding of international events. Members participate in Model United Nations at Harvard and in New York. For more information, see the Travel Model UN Website.

University of Connecticut Model United Nations

UConn Model United Nations (UCMUN) is a tier two student organization. They host an annual conference during the fall semester and invite high school students represent a country in a simulated United Nations committee. The organization was founded in 1999 and seeks to expand and improve upon its conference every year. UCMUN offers a wide variety of positions to interested students including Assistant Directing, Directing of committees, Topic Specialists, Executive positions and Secretary and Director General positions. UConn Model United Nations seeks to foster international awareness through the process of simulation. Model UN’s advisor is Professor Stephen Dyson.

Position descriptions:

  • Assistant Director – For this position, students join during the fall semester and are paired up with a director. Assistant Directors assist in debate and are generally first time UCMUN staff members.
  • Directors – These members apply in the Fall semester after the conference and direct existing committees or create their own, with the approval of the Director General. Over the year Directors chose topics and create background guides for students to use during the conference.
  • Topic Specialists – Topic Specialists apply in the spring semester and are tasked with doing extra research above what Directors have done. During the conference they may be called upon to give informative speeches to delegates.
  • Executive Staff – There are several executive positions that often change on a yearly basis. These students are each responsible for a specific area of UCMUN duties necessary for the conference. These positions are appointed by the Director General and Secretary General. They are usually reserved for more experienced UCMUN staff.
  • Director General – The student with this position is tasked with hiring Directors, Assistant Directors and Topic Specialists and in conjunction with the Secretary General hires Executive Staff. Director General is an elected position.
  • Secretary General – The Secretary General is this highest ranking member of UCMUN, he or she is responsible for overall conference and organizational success. This is an elected position.

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