2021 Political Science Undergraduate and Graduate Awardees

Congratulations to all of our awardees!

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Augusta Gerberich Scholarship

Given annually to a junior or senior majoring in political science whose special field of interest is international relations. Preference is given to female students. The award is based on high levels of scholastic aptitude and scholastic success and promise of leadership.

Alam, Fizza

Alvarez, Daniela

Acquarulo, Natalie

Bedi, Palakjot

Bedoya, Laura

Cooper, Emma

Din Din, Sheroz

Elkhay, Sydney

Patel, Parth

Stetson, Mika

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Fizza Alam

Laura Bedoya

Sydney Elkhay

Parth Patel

Jamie B. Cheshire Internship Award

To provide financial support for an undergraduate enrolled in the University's Department of Political Science within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Fumex, Laurane

Hoffman, Trevor

Mack, Chase

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Laurane Fumex

Reiter Senior Award for Graduate Study

Given annually to the undergraduate senior who plans to study Political Science at the graduate level

Agoora, Amir

Burnett, Emily

Houghton, Shelby

Fawcett, Cassidy

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Amir Agoora


Cassidy Fawcett

Ridgway Davis Pre-Law Scholarship

Given annually to an undergraduate with an outstanding academic record who has been accepted for entry to law school.

Gaffney, Dylan

Hogan, Brendan

Lao, Hollianne

Macuil, Danielle

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Dylan Gaffney

Fund for Legal Studies Fellowship

Given annually to two undergraduate students, with preference to seniors, in recognition of scholarly achievement and who intend to pursue degrees in political science, with priority given to students who plan to enter law school after graduation.

Dennehy, Erin

Jones, Shanelle

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Erin Dennehy

Shanelle Jones

Irving Smirnoff Award

Given annually to undergraduate juniors and/or seniors to provide financial support.

Cooney, Jennifer

Frank, Noah

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Noah Frank

Roy H. and Hilda M. Merolli Scholarship

To provide scholarship support for continuing undergraduate students enrolled full-time with demonstrated academic achievement who are Political Science majors in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Ballij, Alesia

Ballij, Kiara

Cusano, Sarah

DiNatale, Sofia

Foley, EmmaKate

Hernandez, Michael

Hameed, Aiman

Mukollari, Marinela

Tienken, Drew

Valle, Jase

Vassallo, Julia

Zatserkovniy, Nicole

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Sarah Cusano

Sofia DiNatale

EmmaKate Foley

Marinela Mukollari

Drew Tienken

Jase Valle

Nichole Zatserkovniy

Bennett Honors Thesis Writing Prize​

Named for alumnus Alan R. Bennett, Class of 1969, this award is given annually to the Political Science honors student who wrote the best Honors thesis. ​

Hipplewitz, Lauren

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Lauren Hipplewitz

Bennett Honors ​Scholarship in Political Science

Named for alumnus Alan R. Bennett, Class of 1969, recipients of this scholarship must be full-time enrolled POLS Honors Students, a sophomore or junior in the POLS Honors program during their year as a scholarship recipient, and be making satisfactory progress toward their degree​ ​

Bahavar, Ariana

Dorman, Samuel

Hameed, Aiman

Kerr, Aaliyah

Lucke, Emily

Michels, Autumn

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Samuel Dorman

Bennett Research Assistants

Named for alumnus Alan R. Bennett (Class of 1969) students newly admitted to the Political Science Honors Program are awarded a Research Assistantship in the fall semester to assist Political Science Faculty with their research.​​

Abril, Bridget

Albee, Ben

Bahavar, Ariana

Campbell, Kempton

Collins, Maeve

Carney, Erin

Dattner, Katherine

Ganti, Soumya

Higgins, Jack

Huang, Siyu

Korniss, Virag

Kelly, John

Kwasniak, Emilia

Mack, Chase

Michels, Autumn

Mukollari, Marinela

Smith, Katherine

Wesler, Rebekah

Yeung, Jason

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Katherine Dattner

Soumya Ganti

Undergraduate Political Review Board Members

The UPR publishes articles written, edited, and reviewed by undergraduates who have exhibited a commitment to academic excellence and political involvement. ​

Campbell, Kempton

DiNatale, Sofia

Hussain, Mohammed

Kalander, Marianna

Macuil, Dani

Narayanan, Shankara

Seyue, Henry

Cohen Student Leadership Award

Awarded to a students who have demonstrated a significant and active commitment to eliminating bigotry, prejudice, and discrimination and the fostering of tolerance and understanding among the campus community as a part of their active membership in their student organizations. ​

Diaz, Brittany

Hogan, Brendan

Holland, Mason

Olavarnia, Jase Ramob

Phillips, Sage

Donald L. McCullough Leadership Award

This award recognizes individual student(s) who have made significant contributions to the University community through leadership of, and/or involvement in an initiative(s) that has had University-wide impact and is representative of the highest level of student leadership and involvement.

Christy, Michael

Diaz, Brittany

John T. Szarlan FYE Mentor of the Year 2020​

This award is given to first-year-experience (FYE) mentors for their embodiment of FYE's mission and for their commitment to innovation and excellence. ​

Kataria, Neha

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Neha Kataria

US Department of State Critical Language Scholarship, Summer 2021

The Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) Program is a summer study abroad opportunity for American college and university students to learn languages essential to America’s engagement with the world.​​

Narayanan, Shankara

Truman Scholarship

Awarded to college juniors with exceptional leadership potential and commitment to a career in government, the nonprofit or advocacy sectors, education, or elsewhere in public service.

Phillips, Sage (nominee and recipient; one of 62 Scholars nationwide; UConn’s 8th Truman Scholar and first POLS major to receive this award since Molly Rockett (CLAS ’15) in 2014)

Houghton, Shelby (one of 193 Finalists nationwide)

Frank, Noah (one of five UConn nominees)

Fulbright Scholarship

The Fulbright Program is the flagship international educational program sponsored by the U.S. government and is designed to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries. Students must be nominated by the University’s Office of National Scholarships & Fellowships to apply.

Agoora, Amir (semifinalist for English Teaching Assistantship to Turkey)

Hogan, Brendan (semifinalist for Fulbright EU Research Award)

McClure, Brianna (semifinalist for English Teaching Assistantship to Mexico) (CLAS’19)

Narayanan, Shankara (semifinalist for US Student Program Study Grant to Taiwan)

Norman Kogan Fellowship

Given annually to a graduate student (Ph.D. or MA) in political science who studies European politics, with a preference for one who specializes in the study of Western European politics.​

Atamer, Altan

Fund For Legal Studies Fellowship​

Kim, Yejie

Governor Abraham Ribicoff Fellowship

Given annually to a graduate student in political science, with preference for a student who specializes in the study of American politics and is a current resident of Connecticut.​​​

Maciel Lopes, Sarah

George F. Cole Dissertation Fellowship

Awarded to a graduate student in political science conducting dissertation research in public law. Preference given to a student studying the administration of criminal justice.​​​​

MacDonald, Erica

Michael Dunphy Award​

Given annually to a graduate student (MA or Ph.D.) with a strong interest in either American government or society, history, or culture. ​​​​​

Waring, Dabney

Howard L. Reiter Memorial Award for Political Science Graduate Education

To support the University by providing fellowship support for graduate students enrolled full-time in the Department of Political Science in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, who have demonstrated academic achievement.​​​​​​

Haque, Aynal

Everett Ladd Fellowship in American Politics

Given annually to a graduate student with the highest scholastic standing who intends to pursue American politics as a Ph.D. field.​​​​​​​

Papadopoulos, Stavros

J. Garry Clifford Graduate Fellowship Fund​

To assist in the recruitment and retention of excellent graduate students and offer a recurrent source of graduate student support.​​​​​​​​

Luo, Lily

POLS ​Teaching Assistant of the Year Award​

Given annually to a graduate student in political science who demonstrates excellence in teaching and who enhances the quality of the undergraduate curriculum.

Haque, Aynal