Faculty features or achievements

Faculty Achievements: Late Fall 2023

Prof. Jeremy Pressman and his coauthor, Ehud Eiran, published “US recognition of Israeli territorial claims in the Golan and Jerusalem: Implications for the norm against acquisition of territory by force” in The Middle East Journal. Prof. Jeremy Pressman also published two recent blog posts, “Religious-Nationalist Obstacles to Israeli-Palestinian Political Talks” and “Israelis and Palestinians: It […]

Faculty Achievements: Early Fall 2023

Prof. Zehra Arat, who is a 2023-24 UConn Humanities Institute Fellow working on a book manuscript on human rights norms in Turkey, was nominated for the Ann Snitow Prize, for an outstanding feminist intellectual/artist and activist working in the United States (Decision will be made in December). Prof. Arat also published an article with Prof. Shareen […]

Faculty Achievements: Early Spring 2023

Talbot Andrew’s paper, Preferences for prevention: People assume expensive problems have expensive solutions won the award for best paper published in Risk Analysis in 2022. Prof. Andrews also had new work coauthored with a large international team studying climate impacts, published in iScience: Adaptation to compound climate risks: A systematic global stocktake. Finally, she talked […]

Faculty Achievements: Late Fall 2022

Christine Sylvester spoke on “Memorialized War Women in the USA, Vietnam, and the UK” at a program on Gender, Sexuality, Memorialisation held at York University on September 13, 2022. On October 24 she spoke on “The Present Re-dux, Re-IR’d, and Maybe Re-curating”, at Central European University in Vienna. Finally, Dr. Sylvester spoke on “Who Owns […]

Political Science Professor named CLAS Accessibility Fellow

Professor Kimberly Bergendahl was recently named an inaugural CLAS Accessibility Fellow. She will receive funding for research, professional development, or a course release and will work on projects related to accessibility issues around campus for the CLAS Dean’s Office.   More About CLAS Accessibility Fellows CLAS is introducing a program to allow its faculty and staff to develop […]

Faculty Achievements: Early Fall 2022

Professor Evan Perkoski’s New Book Examines how Armed Groups Break Apart and Splinter. Kim Bergendahl was named to  the inaugural cohort of CLAS Accessibility Fellows and will work on projects related to accessibility issues around campus for the CLAS Dean’s Office. Thomas Hayes’ co-authored paper entitled “Elite Mobilization: A Theory Explaining Opposition to Gay Rights” […]

Faculty Achievements Spring 2022

Michael Morrell (joined by colleagues Robert C. Richards of University of Arkansas, Justin Reedy of University of Oklahoma, and David Brinker) guest-edited a Special Issue of the Journal of Deliberative Democracy on Psychological Phenomena in Democratic Deliberation. In that same issue, Morrell (joined by Genevieve Fuji Johnson of Simon Fraser University and Laura W. Black […]

Faculty Achievements: Winter 2022

This past January, Evan Perkoski (and several co-authors) published “The Militant Group Alliances and Rivalries data set,” which is now available at the National Security Policy Center website. It provides data on all known cooperative and conflictual relationships between armed groups globally from 1950 to 2016. Talbot Andrews’ article titled, “Who Do You Trust? Institutions […]

Faculty Achievements: Late Fall 2021

Oksan Bayulgen, Lyle Scruggs, and two co-authors published an article in the December 2021 issue of Energy Politics entitled “Tilting at Windmills? Electoral Repercussions of Wind Turbine Projects in Minnesota.” The same cohort published a piece in the Washington Post’s Monkey Cage on October 20, 2021,titled “Biden wants more wind energy. Those projects should help […]