Presenters – 2022 Research Excellence in Political Science

On April 12, the following students presented their research at the annual Research Excellence in Political Science (REPS) poster session in Oak 408. This event is sponsored by the Alan R. Bennett Honors Professorship in Political Science.


Abuse of power or moral failings?: The punishment of judges engaged in sexual misconduct Ariana Bahavar
Is There a Double Standard?: Gender Differences in the Punishment of Judicial Misconduct Erin Carney
Confined in Connecticut: Criminal Justice Policy Recommendations Based on Best Practices in a Neighboring State Riona Casey
Forgotten Immigrant Voices: West Indian Immigrant Experiences and Attitudes towards Contemporary Immigration Danielle Cross
As Seen on Screen: American Ambivalence Shown through Death Penalty and Vigilante Films Lisette Donewald
The Medicaid Blockade: Analyzing the Impact of Gubernatorial and State Legislature Partisanship in the Ballot Initiative Process for PPACA Medicaid Expansion Samuel Dorman
Dissecting Discontent: How stocks and flows of county-level economic and social factors affect the vote shares of populist candidates Thomas Dowd
Americans on the Move: Multimodal Migration in a Changing Nation Noah Frank
European Nationalism and its Impact on Foreign Investment – Examining Europe’s Top Five Football Leagues Richard Goyne III
The Stamford Experience in the Twenty-First Century: Analyzing Urban Development Conflict at the Neighborhood Level Michael Hernandez
Affirmative Action in Higher Education: What Role does Whiteness Ideology Play? Siyu Huang
Exploring Affective Polarization in the UConn Student Body Musa Hussain
The Tale of Two Cities Aaliyah Kerr
New York Times v. Sullivan; “Still an Occasion for Dancing in the Streets?” Margaret McGuire