Faculty Achievements: Late Fall 2023

Prof. Jeremy Pressman and his coauthor, Ehud Eiran, published “US recognition of Israeli territorial claims in the Golan and Jerusalem: Implications for the norm against acquisition of territory by force” in The Middle East Journal. Prof. Jeremy Pressman also published two recent blog posts, “Religious-Nationalist Obstacles to Israeli-Palestinian Political Talks” and “Israelis and Palestinians: It will be Worse Next Time”. In addition, he delivered lectures about Israel-Palestine at UConn-Hartford and at CCSU and participated in a panel at the Human Rights Institute.

Prof. Miles Evers’ article, “Wars without Gunsmoke” has been published in International Security.

Prof. Evelyn M. Simien, Prof. Thomas J. Hayes, and Dr. Carolyn Conway published their article, “The Democratic Majority and the 2016 American Presidential Election: Feminist Political Behavior Across Multiple Axes of Identity” in Political Research Quarterly.

Prof. Shareen Hertel is a co-author of a new article with Chacon-Hurtado, D., Kazerounian, K., Mellor, J., Barry, J. J., & Ravindran, T., titled “Engineering for Human Rights: The Theory and Practice of a Human Rights–based Approach to Engineering” in Science, Technology, & Human Rights.

Prof. Rob Venator was awarded the 2023 Maria C. Sanchez Award for Educator of the Year by the Connecticut Institute for Community Development (CICD) Puerto Rican Parade, Inc. Hartford Chapter. For more than 20 years CICD has recognized well over 100 individuals for their community leadership, and commitment to education and preservation of Puerto Rican arts and culture.

Prof. Lyle Scruggs published an article in the CT Mirror, titled “Connecticut is neglecting its state employees”.

Adjunct Professor, Art House wrote about Connecticut US Senator Abe Ribicoff’s Mideast diplomatic efforts almost half a century ago and the lessons that can be drawn from them for the current conflict in the region in an opinion piece titled “Difficulty is the one excuse history never accepts” in Hartford Courant (Nov 29).

Prof. Talbot Andrews’s article “People are Less Myopic about Future than Past Collective Outcomes” was accepted at PNAS.

Prof. Jennifer Sterling-Folker participated in an invitation-only workshop on “Revisiting Realist Constructivism in International Relations” hosted by Eva Michaels, with fellow attendees Samuel Barkin, Simon Pratt, Gustav Meibauer, and Robert Kissack, at the Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals (IBEI), located at the Ciutadella Campus (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) in Barcelona, Spain on October 24-26, 2023. Prof. Sterling-Folker also gave a talk to their Master’s Students entitled, “How to diversify the IR theory cannon: Embracing critical theories and indigenous scholarship”.

Prof. Evelyn M. Simien was nominated by UConn President Maric as the senior scholar for the 2023 Andrew Carnegie Fellows Program. Award notification is slated for April 2024.