Student Successes: Early Spring 2024

Aidan Caron (CLAS ’24) won a Fall ’23 Change Grant from the UConn Coop Legacy Fellowship Program for his project entitled “Promoting Environmental Justice: A Mixed-Method Approach to Identifying Socioeconomic Disparities in Urban Park Systems”.  

Gloria Dickson (CLAS ’24) won the 2023 Curt F. Beck Law and Public Service Opportunity Fund to pursue an internship at The Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law. 

Julian Cote-Dorado (CLAS ’24) completed an internship with the Department of State this past summer. 

Michelle Eweka (CLAS ’25) & Avery Sparks (CLAS ’25) have won the prestigious Gilman Scholarship, which encourages travel to diverse locations, along with intensive language study and internship experiences. 

Anabelle Bergstrom (CLAS ’24) was named a 2024 University Scholar. Her advisor is Prof. Virginia Hettinger. Anabelle is also a BOLD Women’s Leadership Network Scholar, UConn Humanities Institute Undergraduate Fellow, and 2022 Holster Scholar. 

Alexander Grey (Ph.D student) will be joining Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) at the Washington Navy Yard over the summer working as a Research and Analytics Management Specialist. He will be embedding with Team Submarine specifically, working on defense economics and supply chain logistics for the COLUMBIA program and AUKUS treaty framework.  

Ahmadullah Archiwal (Ph.D. student) presented a paper on “Elites’ Role in State Failure in Afghanistan” at the NEPSA Conference in November 2023. He also talked about the socio-political and economic situation of Afghanistan in a panel on the Middle East at NEPSA. 

Spencer Hayes (Ph.D. student) will be presenting the paper “Frenemies’: The Multifaceted Relationship Between Social Media and the Impact of Terrorism” at the 2024 MPSA annual conference. She will also be a discussant in a MPSA session on Chinese Propaganda and Social Media Behavior. 

Spencer Hayes and Cory Runstedler (Ph.D. students) will be presenting their collaborative paper, “Unionizing the Trafficked: The Untold Stories of Equestrian Workers” at The City College of New York’s (CCNY) Third Critical Perspectives on Human Rights Conference in April.