Author: Ahumada, Kellyjohana (POLs Student Admin)

Student Successes: Late Spring 2023

Hadia Ahmad (POLS ’23 – Honors) presented her research at the annual Frontiers Exhibition in Stamford. Her paper was titled “Fight or Flight: Examining the Struggles on Nonwhites in Academia”.  Gianella Anyosa’s (POLS ‘23 and BOLD Scholar) documentary, Migrar o Morir, was screened in the Puerto Rican Latin American Cultural Center Community Room this past March.  […]

Faculty Achievements: Late Spring 2023

Click here to view Faculty Achievements for Fall 2023! Elva Orozco Mendoza’s review article, “Maternal Activism in Comparative Perspective: Past, Present, and Future” was published in Sociology Compass and her book chapter, “Dissident Memories: Feminicide, Memorialisation, and the Fight Against State Cruelty,” is forthcoming in a book that will be published by Routledge this year.  […]

Student Successes: Early Spring 2023

Yejie Kim and Jessica Cross along with IIREP MA student Gregory Franklin, Jr. had papers accepted to the NEPSA 2023 conference in April Bianka Adamatti was awarded the 2023 Master’s Thesis Award from the Conference of Southern Graduate Schools (CSGS). The award is given each year in four different disciplinary categories on a rotating basis. […]

Faculty Achievements: Early Spring 2023

Talbot Andrew’s paper, Preferences for prevention: People assume expensive problems have expensive solutions won the award for best paper published in Risk Analysis in 2022. Prof. Andrews also had new work coauthored with a large international team studying climate impacts, published in iScience: Adaptation to compound climate risks: A systematic global stocktake. Finally, she talked […]